Skin Renewing Peels

Skin Renewing Peels

These are our Elaine Brennan peels which are perfect for those looking to improve skin texture, blemishes, scarring, uneven skin tone, and fine lines. Our milder peel, the GG MicroPeel is great for less severe conditions, and the Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel is phenomenal for deeper impurities! For new clients, there MUST be a chemical peel consultation, and more than likely a basic facial to prepare your skin for the peels. We also have much lighter, milder, peels that can be added into regular facials, for returning clients, at no additional upcharge.


Our Skin Renewal Peeling is a deep, reliable exfoliation of the skin with no destruction of the living layers. It helps the rapid removal of several of the top dead cells layers and unlike many peeling treatments, does not remove even one layer of the epidermis. Only part of the dead, horny surface skin cells are exfoliated in a thin crusty layer. Other treatments, may remove entire dead cell layers and go beyond into the living cell layers which can be affected and destroyed. Each of our peeling treatments in fact restores the skin, stimulating regrowth and the basal cells. Many skin layers are rejuvenated and thickened by the reaction triggered off by our peeling.


The process is recommended as a treatment for aging skin, especially the deep wrinkles on the upper lip. Our peeling works wonders for acne, pigmentation problems, blemishes, freckles and ageing skin. The effects of the process continue for up to a year after as collagen and elastin formation take place over time.

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