Service FAQs

What should I expect after a facial?

– You can expect to be glowing, refreshed, and rejuvenated! Keeping up with a good, high quality skincare routine will help you maintain your results until your next visit with us. Be aware of purging: This occurs after using new products or getting facial services designed to de-congest the skin. They bring all of the blemishes under the skin to the surface to detox them from the body.

How should I prepare for my facial appointment?

  • Avoid exfoliating the week before (limit scrubs, retinols, AHA, etc. use).
  • No need to wash your face that morning.
  • Bring a clean mask to wear after your appointment to avoid transferring old bacteria onto fresh new skin.
  • Be realistic about goals for your facial appointment. Skin doesn’t change overnight!
  • Come in ready to relax and rejuvenate!

Is the Butt & Thigh add-on for the Back It Up Treatment available for men?

Yes, it is!

What does the Back It Up Treatment include?

Our signature back facial includes a deep cleanse, microaggression treatment, exfoliating enzyme, extractions if needed, and a hot stone massage.

What is the SnapBack Detox Wrap for?

Our detox wrap is perfect for getting all of the yucky toxins out of the body! If you drink or smoke a lot, or live in a super polluted city (like Houston!), you NEED to flush your body! Within the wrap, you will sweat out any harmful toxins, burn the same amount of calories as you would in a 30-minute jog, and shed excess water weight!

Does waxing hurt?

We won’t lie…. Yes, there is a quick sting after the strip is pulled, but once pressure is applied to the area, the sting is quickly alleviated.

What kind of wax do you use?

We switch between DermWax’s Organic Calendula hard wax and Lavender hard wax. We find that those formulas are much more gentle on the skin, and also offer soothing properties.

How long does it take for the hair to grow back?

Everyone’s hair is different, but you can expect to see hair grow back between 1.5-3 weeks after your wax. If it is your first time getting waxed, it may take a few sessions for all of your hairs to grow on the same cycle, which allows for less prickly hairs, offering smoother, longer lasting results.

How often should I book a wax?

Wax services are recommended at least every 4-6 weeks. If your hair grows a bit faster, and is as long as a grain of rice, you can book every 3 weeks.

How should I prepare for my wax appointment?

  • You can take an advil or tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment to help ease some of the sting.
  • Gently exfoliate the area two days prior, using an exfoliating glove, round-bead scrub, exfoliating toner pads or serums.
  • Make sure you’re keeping the skin moisturized daily, as healthy skin offers a better wax experience.
  • Shower or use feminine wipes before your appointment to remove any excess sweat or oils.
  • Relax! A lot of the “pain” in waxing is the anticipation! Everyone has different pain tolerances, and not everyone has been serviced by the same provider. With quick and proficient skills, your first wax at Complexxions Skin Lab & Studio will have you never wanting to fall victim to the razor or Nair ever again!

What aftercare should I follow for a wax?

  • No baths, hot showers, sex (brazilian waxing), gym or sauna for 24 hours after a wax. Your skin is more sensitive after a brazilian wax, so do NOT expose your kitty to heavy friction, extreme heated temperatures, or fragranced feminine products.
  • You can start back exfoliating the area after three days, three times a week maximum. Try to avoid salt and sugar scrubs to avoid scratching your sensitive area, and to avoid possible yeast infections!
  • Make sure you are keeping your skin moisturized with a light, water-based moisturizer. This can also help lessen the formation of ingrowns.

Who CAN’T get waxed?

Those who are on Accutane, or have been on Accutane within the last 6 months, unless cleared with physician.

Is there an age requirement for waxing?

The youngest age we offer wax services to is 16 years old, as long as a parent or legal guardian is present and parental consent is provided.

Can I get waxed while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, we service plenty of mommies-to-be here at Complexxions! Body waxing is completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Can I get waxed on my menstrual cycle?

Unfortunately, we will not wax you during your cycle. That could also be more unpleasant, as you’re normally more sensitive in that area during that time. If you unexpectedly start your cycle before your appointment, please shoot us a text to reschedule your appointment without any late rescheduling fees…. trust us– WE UNDERSTAND!

Why is threading better than waxing?

Threading offers a more precise, sharp result than what waxing can offer

Even if the hairs are super short, thread can grip them much better than wax can.

There is no risk of skin lifting or ripping, like with waxing.

Most results last longer than wax results

Downsides of threading

  • Takes a bit longer than waxing
  • Can be a bit uncomfortable for those with a low pain tolerance.

Who CAN’T get a Yoni Steam?

We will not offer Yoni Steams for anyone who has an ACTIVE yeast or BV infection (you should consult with your doctor for proper medication)

Clients under 18.

Those who are pregnant or actively on their menstrual cycle.

How should I prepare for a Yoni Steam?

There’s not really much to it. You can shower before and/or after your steam.

What are Yoni Steams for?

Steams are great for a plethora of issues (or no issues!) such as:

  • PMS cramping, bloating or discomfort
  • Infertility issues
  • Endometriosis, Fibroids, Ovarian cyst discomfort
  • Balancing hormones, pH and bacteria
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Slow healing/toning of reproductive system post-childbirth

What is the downtime after a Yoni Steam?

There is no down time!

Do Yoni Steams burn?

They do not! The steam is actually nice, warm, and relaxing.

Are Yoni Steams safe?

Yoni steams are completely safe! They have been used as a traditional healing method for hundreds of years.

Why can’t I get a steam and Brazilian/Bikini wax on the same day?

We don’t offer those services on the same day because you never want to expose freshly waxed skin to direct heat (the vajacial steam is not as close to the body). Exposing the skin to direct heat right before waxing can soften the skin and risk skin lifting during the wax.

What is a Vajacial?

A Vajacial (or Va-Glaze-cial, as we like to call it!) is simply a facial for your mons pubis. It includes a cleanse, gentle enzyme exfoliation, ingrown and blackhead extractions, high frequency treatment, a soothing mask and an ingrown hair solution.

What type of Vajacials do you offer?

Regular Vajacial: that is included in our Wax Wednesday special.

HydroKitty Treatment: Utilizes a hydrodermabrasion machine for a deeper cleanse and infusion of brightening serums into the skin layers.

Diamond Vajacial: Includes diamond-tipped microdermabrasion and a stronger enzyme (or peel) for treating discoloration and texture. This can NOT be done on the same day as a wax, you must wait one week before or after, due to this service being a bit more progressive.

How should I prepare for a Vajacial?

Make sure you aren’t taking any retinol/retinoid medications

Shower and use the bathroom before arriving!

Can I get a wax and vajacial in the same service?

Yes! You can add a Vajacial to a Brazilian wax using the add-on dropdown when booking.

Do Vajacials hurt?

Vajacials do not hurt, though a bit of pressure may need to be applied when extracting blemishes.

Do you retail products to help maintain my Vajacial results?

Yes! The Glycolic & Retinol pads and Light Aloe moisturizer are our best-sellers for brightening discoloration and reducing ingrowns at home. You can find those here.

Who is not a good candidate for a vajacial?

Anyone under 16

Those taking retinol medications

Is this an invasive service?

This service is non-invasive, meaning we will not go digging beneath the epidermal layer for ingrowns!

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment in which a solution is applied to the skin, causing the rate of exfoliation to accelerate. The skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, and the cycle lasts about 28 days. The peel speeds that up to 5 days, so that’s why you will (or won’t, depending on the peel and other factors) see some peeling or flaking. That’s just the dead layer of skin separating from the fresh, new living layer underneath.

Are chemical peels harsh?

Most peels are made up of AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy acids) or BHAs (Beta-hydroxy acids), which are actually naturally occuring. For example: Glycolic Acid is derived from sugarcane, Lactic acid is derived from milk, Tartaric Acid is derived from Grapes, and Salicylic Acid is derived from the Willowbark plant.

A lot of peels are also buffered with other ingredients to prevent being too harsh on the skin and to further improve results.

Who are chemical peels good for?

Chemical peels are good for many conditions! Hyperpigmentation/Dark spots, acne, congestion, acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles & more!

Who can NOT get a chemical peel?

You can not get a chemical peel if you have any health issues that affect the way your body heals itself (ie Autoimmune diseases, Diabetes, etc), epilepsy, or pacemakers.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women can not get chemical peels.

How can I get a chemical peel?

We may incorporate a mild lactic or glycolic peel into returning clients’ facials, when deemed necessary. For no upcharge.

New clients MUST book a chemical peel consultation before getting any type of peel.

Depending on the peel booked, you’ll need to prep your skin with our Glycolic & Retinol pads, but that will be explained to you if necessary.

Can I book a daily special on any day?

You can book them during any day of the week, but they must be scheduled for whatever day the special falls on.

General FAQs

We are located inside of Midtown Plaza/ Roshan Towers. The front of the building has all black glass panels. Parking is in the back of the building, or the parking garage across the street.


5225 Katy Freeway Suite #215

Houston, TX 77007

How do I get inside of the building?

The doors are always unlocked, except for Saturdays after 3:30pm and all of Sunday. If locked, please contact us to come open the door Takiya: 832-409-4826 | Jade: 832-862-6340 

Take the elevator to the second floor, and our suite is right next to the vending machine.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

If it is your first appointment with us, it is advised to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out your consultation form if you did not fill it out with the link provided in your e-mail.

What are your cancellation or rescheduling policies?

All deposits are non-refundable. There is a 24-hour grace period for rescheduling and canceling appointments. Otherwise, fees will apply:

  • Rescheduling outside of grace period: $10 fee (You are allowed ONE late reschedule per appointment. The next instance will be considered a cancellation.)
  • Canceling outside of grace period or rescheduling right before your appointment: 50% charge of remaining balance, must book with new deposit
  • No Call No Show: Being more than 10 mins late to appointment, without communication, incurs a cancellation and 100% charge. Must book with new deposit. Two No Shows will result in being banned from booking.

What happens if I’m late to my appointment?
If arriving 10 minutes past your appointment time, we still may be able to complete your service(s), but being tardy to the appointment may result in your service time being shortened to accommodate other appointments after yours. The service will not be discounted if shortened, and you will be required to pay your balance in full.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do NOT offer refunds on services rendered or services no-showed. All deposits are non-refundable. We may offer a credit, based upon circumstance.

Are there any parking Fees?

No, we provide free parking for our clients.

Are cocktails available?
Yes, complimentary cocktails are available for clients over 21, excluding wax services for safety reasons.

Does this suite have WiFi for clients to use?
Yes, our location provides free WiFi for our clients to use.

What in person payment methods do you accept ?

We accept the following types of payments :
Visa and MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit, Apple Pay and cash.

What policies are in place for when a client starts their cycle right before a brazilian wax appointment?

We will take steps to reschedule the appointment at a better time and date.

Can I reschedule an appointment I missed?
After the 10 minute grace period without communication, the appointment is canceled and you must book a new appointment. There is no rescheduling a canceled appointment.

Need Help or Have Any Questions?

We are always here to answer your all questions feel free to contact us via the information below.