Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

We are Offering an array of different facial services including:

Microdermabrasion, Enzyme treatments, mild chemical peels, hydrotherapy, and much more! 

Consultation, Custom luxurious facial, and 3-piece skincare product routine to jumpstart you on your new journey

Bring a friend or your significant other to enjoy two custom facials at the same time with our highly skilled estheticians/skin lab technicians. Both facials include a deep cleansing massage, exfoliation, extractions and mask. In addition, His facial includes a beard treatment, while Hers includes one small area of hair removal (brows, lip, or chin).

Bring a friend or significant other to enjoy two custom signature facials simultaneously with our highly skilled estheticians/ skin lab technicians. These facials include but are not limited to a deep cleanse, double exfoliation, extractions, and finishing serums.

THEE ACNE FACIAL. This treatment reduces breakouts and detoxes pores.

Star Features: Oxygen Deep Pore Double cleanse, detailed extractions & acne mask. Also includes High Frequency. Ice Globes & Blue LED Light Therapy to kill off bacteria, trigger healing function in skin, and soothe inflammation.


Note: If you also need to clear discoloration, acne needs to be managed first, start with this facial

THEE CUSTOM FACIAL. The new & improved Express Glo Facial is even more tailor made just for you! While this service primarily targets dull, textured & uneven skin in need of a glow, your esthetician will help you choose from the 5 different treatment methods below, or you can choose for yourself if you know what you want!

Also includes cleanse, light extractions & treatment mask.

THEE DISCOLORATION FACIAL. Our signature facial targets texture & hyperpigmentation with a cleansing massage, advanced exfoliation (removing dead skin and peach fuzz!), extractions, LED Light therapy and brightening serums.

The Deluxe option uses a deeper nanoneedling technique that’s amazing for large pores, wrinkles, texture & discoloration. 3 day downtime. Includes an invigorating shoulder, neck & arm massage!

THEE BEARDED MALE FACIAL. For men with beards that need a luxurious, relaxing cleanse. If you shave, do so 2+ days before or after facial.

Star features: Extractions & High frequency treatment to promote hair growth and to kill off acne/ingrown hairs.

Beard mask and conditioner to keep your facial hair soft, supple, and shiny!

THEE HYDRATION FACIAL. Great for all skin types, but those with dry, dehydrated skin will have the greatest appreciation for it. This glow will be UNMATCHED!

Star Feature: HydroSkin Refining machine allows for a thorough cleansing and deep infusion of serums into your skin. Offers hydrated, smooth, dewy appearance, with less visible pore size.

THEE TEEN FACIAL. For: Ages 10-17 only. Perfect for teens dealing with puberty acne, or for the youngins wanting to be pampered. Facial reduces inflammation and detoxes skin.

Star Features: High Frequency, Ice Globes & Blue LED Light Therapy to kill off bacteria and reduce excess oiliness, helping to reduce acne lesions.

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